Drivers require tougher penalties for using mobile

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Drivers require tougher penalties for using mobile phones while driving

Half of vehicle drivers believe the existing combination of a fine and points for unlawfully utilizing smart phones while driving ought to be more serious, RAC research has discovered.

Fifty-two percent of the 2,100 vehicle drivers surveyed felt the standard penalty of 3 charge points and a fine of 100 for drivers captured using a handheld mobile phone at the wheel must be increased. Forty-one percent believed it is currently set at the proper level.

Nearly a third (31%) said that enhancing the severity of the charge will not make any difference at all in altering the behavior of those drivers who are prepared to break the law in this way.


Even hands-free mobile phones

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Even hands-free mobile phones are hazardous for motorists

Do not - seriously, do not - ask your fan over the mobile what they're using while you're driving, even if you're hands-free.

The most recent research study on drivers' use of cellphones concludes talking on a hands-free phone while driving is simply as harmful as holding the phone in your hands. And the most dangerous kind of conversation is one which sparks your visual creativity. Individuals in the study who were sidetracked by visual imagery responded half as fast to hazards as those who were not sidetracked.

It needn't even be something as exciting as a vision of your precious in lycra. Merely imagining the facial expression of the person you're speaking to suffices. Check out this for further details about .


Can Nokia's Go back to The Mobile Phone

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Can Nokia's Go back to The Mobile Phone Market Drive Its Revenues?

Recently, Nokia announced that it had signed a tactical contract with a freshly formed Finland based company called HMD to produce Nokia- branded cellphones and tablets for the next 10 years. HMD has actually been founded to offer a focused, independent home for a full range of Nokia branded function phones, smartphones and tablets. Nokia had actually offered its mobile phone company to Microsoft in 2014 and HMD will now get the right to use the Nokia brand on function phones and particular associated design rights from Microsoft. It also intends to invest over $500 million in the next 3 years to support the international marketing of Nokia branded cellphones and tablets. While Nokia was as soon as a very popular mobile company, it might not keep up with altering consumer demands and was unable to develop itself in the mobile phone market. Mircosoft cannot adequately monetize this business as well, as the iOS-Android jaugernaut continued. Now, via HMD, Nokia-branded function- and mobile phones will reenter the marketplace, targeting secondary, delayed markets beyond those addressed by top-tier suppliers such as Apple and Samsung.